TWO FACED - Number 5

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TWO FACED - Number 5

TWO FACED - Tyler Wallach Studio is proud to present a collection of 7 new paintings in a reversible style. After many many months of feeling uninspired throughout 2020, I woke up on January 1st, 2021 ready to paint. I woke up that morning ready to create and ready to bring my colorful world on canvas back to the art world and in your space. In many ways, life has become somewhat more difficult for us all, life has shown us it’s other face. The second face of life shows itself to us in many ways but has never been more present in our lives than now, and while I celebrate the colorful and exciting side of life, I also wanted to call upon the new second face of life we have come to learn and see in 2020.

Each 16’’x 20’’ piece is one of a kind, hand painted on high quality stretched canvas and is signed by the artist, Tyler Wallach. Each painting was designed and painted with the intent to be hung at the discretion of the buyer. All of the paintings are reversible and can be hung two ways. As an artist, I wanted to find a way to welcome to the buyer into my artistic world by allowing you to make the final decision on which way you would like to hang the painting. The pieces look completely different when switched around, it’s magical.

Please enjoy this new slice of color, vision and reversable love in your lives. Thanks again for supporting of an independent artist continuing to push and strive in the face of such uncertain times.

I’ll never give up on art.