“Tyler Wallach is an innovative and independent queer artist living in Harlem, recognized for his bright and boldly colored street-art characters on both canvas and clothing. Referred to as “the 1988 love child of Keith Haring and Lisa Frank”, Tyler, a native Texan, hails New York City with 5+ years of experience painting and independently producing large-scale solo art shows, multi-faceted clothing lines, and brand integrated murals across the globe. Tyler has also adopted a unique form of interactive art by painting live, in-person at events throughout the country to further engage the conversation between visual artists and their audience. This live-painting style led Tyler to win the 2015 Brooklyn Nightlife Award for “Best Visual Artist”. Compassion and care for the LGBTQ community is a driving force of inspiration and has led Tyler to produce many multiple large-scale paintings a year that are donated and auctioned off by national LGBTQ charities with 100% of proceeds going toward at risk queer youth and anti-bullying efforts. In the past, Tyler has donated works of art to The Trevor Project, The Tyler Clementi Foundation, The Miami-Dade LGBTQ Business Association, Harrisburg PA LGBT Center, VOICES4, Callen Lorde, as well as many other queer organizations throughout the country. Recently Tyler painted a positivty mural, live in Austin, TX for SXSW to raise money for RED, an non-profit organization working on HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and treatment in Africa. This year, Tyler also designed a “BUILT WITH PRIDE" t-shirt campaign for Habitat for Humanity NYC and their 2018 efforts to provide housing for elderly LGBTQ community members of NYC. There is no better feeling than using art for social and civil justice in our thriving, intelligent and colorful LGBTQ community”